Three Story Coffee

Three Story Coffee is making an incredible impact on the coffee industry. We are so excited to be partnering with them!

Coffee Farmers in South America have a few options in order to make money to feed their families. They can either pay an exorbitant amount of money annually to be “Fair trade certified”, they can sell to locals called “Coyotes”, who will far underpay them, or they can sell to direct buyers, who often care only about the product, not the farmers themselves.

Fair trade coffee is no longer considered fair. It underpays farmers. And most small farms cannot afford the certification. Coyotes offer cash trade, which is hardly enough for the farmers to break even, but it’s money here and now, and when there are hungry mouths, it can be their best option. Direct buyers will visit the farms, take their pictures with the farmers and buy the coffee, but have no commitment or loyalty from one year to the next.

Three Story Coffee is offering farmers another option. They are working to build relationships with farmers in South America that will last. They visit them annually, to fairly score coffee, and purchase it for the price it is truly worth. And they give the farmers agricultural training to help them improve their next year’s crop. Three Story Coffee is beginning to bring light to a very dark industry. We are so excited to partner with them!

For every bag of coffee purchased in our name, a portion of the cost goes directly to our missions fund. And for every year long subscription (2 bags a month), about 40% goes to us, and the rest goes to help the farmers that Three Story Coffee buys from!

Check out the Three Story Coffee site here . They have stories of farmers they work with, as well as an online store. We can tell you from personal experience that their coffee is absolutely delicious!

If you have further questions about how to support us through Three Story Coffee, contact us!