Will YOU be a part?

1 million people. Lonely, hurting, and poor in spirit.

England is ready for a move of God.

He is calling us and others like us, to give up our lives, our homes and our comforts, to move across the ocean, to share his love with these people.

Did you ever watch the Chronicles of Narnia? Do you remember the way you felt when Beaver said the words, “Aslan is on the move…” It stirred up this deep, regal, almost magical feeling that something wonderful, important, and game-changing was coming, right!? Let me try it now..

God is on the move in England…

We get shivers just thinking about it! He is preparing a discipleship movement that will change everything.

As missionaries with Greater Europe Mission, we are on our way to be part of that movement.

We are partnered with Church Planting Initiative, and will be strategically working to spark discipleship groups around the West Midlands of England. Our intention is that one day, those groups will reproduce. The people of England will change England. We simply hope to be catalysts.


Greater Europe Mission has planted a UK office in the West Midland town of Stourbridge. This is where we will be living and ministering from.

CPI has begun a small movement called Church in the Community out of Stourbridge. They have already seen dozens of people come to saving faith, and have established meaningful relationships with many more.

The people of the West Midlands need people willing to invest in them with their every day lives. We are willing and ready to do that. But we need a bit of help. Yours, actually.

How you can help:

We need to reach 85% by July 31st. Which means, we need:

3 families giving $25 a month ($300 a year)
5 families giving $50 a month ($600 a year)

We also need to find partners willing and able to invest the monthly amounts below, in order to meet our summer deadline.

1 family giving $200 per month
4 families giving $100 per month
6 families giving $50 per month
5 families giving $25 per month
5 families giving $15 per month

If you can commit to give one of these amounts to us for 3 years, please check out our giving link at Greater Europe Mission. Giving is tax deductible, and can be done by monthly checks, EFT, or credit card.

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Any questions? Please feel free to contact us !

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